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What You’ll Need to Set Up Your Own Church

A church is a building where people conduct religious services and ceremonies. Churches are common structures around the globe. The word ‘church’ also refers to a group of people who share the same religious beliefs based on Christianity.

Some congregations traditionally used dedicated church buildings for services, while others opt to rent a public space or attend a home church. Whether you plan to acquire or build a physical church building or create a church that meets in public spaces or homes, the tips outlined here will help you establish your church.

Establish your doctrine.


Every denomination has its own doctrinal beliefs. Some denominations have minor differences, while others have significant differences. To attract committed members to your church, you need to make your doctrinal beliefs clear. You may follow an established doctrine and join an established denomination or start your own. Your views about Old Testament doctrine may affect the emphasis of your church. While some denominations take the Old Testament seriously and believe Old Testament laws apply today, others believe the New Testament nullifies Old Testament law. You must establish your views before starting your church to ensure you attract like-minded believers.

Identify your physical needs.

Acquiring a suitable building or purchasing land and building a physical structure will be necessary if you want to have a dedicated church building. Whether you’re looking for a tract of land in town or want to find hunting land for sale in Mississippi, you can use AcreBin to locate suitable plots of land. You can enter ‘Mississippi’ in the search bar to view acreages across the state or enter a county name, such as Wilkinson County, Franklin County, or Amite County, enabling you to narrow your search to specific areas you’re considering. The site enables you to narrow your search by location, price, and tract size, ensuring you focus on reviewing suitable properties for sale. Each listing provides relevant information about the tract size and the type of land. You can review timberland, hunting land, farmland, and recreational land and determine how much road frontage the property has. You may opt to purchase a tract of land that doubles as church property and recreational property, where members can go turkey hunting or camping. You can create an account and be notified about price changes on properties you’re considering.

Work with a real estate agent if you’re shopping for an existing building you can use as a church. Your realtor can help you identify an old or new home you could renovate that’s in a great spot and has enough parking to suit your needs. You may be able to convert a house by using bedrooms as meeting rooms.

Look after the legalities.

Your church must comply with regulations established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to qualify for tax-exempt status. You’ll also need to choose a name and register your church. It’s a good idea to review the names of local churches to ensure you don’t choose a name that’s similar to an existing church. Choosing a different name will enable you to distinguish your church from other congregations in the area. After you register your name, you can apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, so you can pay employees, file taxes, and open a church bank account.

Establish leadership.


You may plan to be the pastor of your church or intend to hire a minister who prepares sermons and leads services. No matter who leads your congregation, you’ll need church leadership. If you already know people who plan to support your new church, you may turn to them to form a church board and fill volunteer roles.

Reach out to other Christians.

Whether you build or renovate a building or establish a home church, you need church members to function. Your congregation financially supports your church and legitimizes your church to ensure it meets IRS requirements to qualify for tax-exempt status. You can use social media channels to talk about the great story of salvation and share scripture. You can also use YouTube to share inspirational videos with congregants.

Purchase supplies.


Identify the needs of your congregation, and purchase essential supplies, such as study Bibles for adults, hymnals, and storybook Bibles for children. Google “Jesus storybook Bible” to locate vendors who sell the supplies you need and offer excellent customer support. You can create an account to ensure you can access additional supplies for special events, such as baptism and Easter, when you need them.

Starting a church begins with identifying your doctrinal beliefs and physical needs. Once you fulfill the legal requirements and secure a space for your congregation, you can begin holding services and acquiring supplies for your services.