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3 Must-Have Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

If you’re growing old and are resistant to the idea of moving into a nursing or retirement home, you may enjoy the idea of aging in place. Aging in place is a practice where those with disabilities or those who are in old age make modifications to their residence so that they can age and live comfortably in their own home.

Not only does this allot you freedom and comfort, but if done in advance and efficiently, the modifications made to your home for aging in place can be less costly than paying to live in a facility like a nursing or retirement home. Aging in place is also a nice alternative to moving into a high freedom retirement community because you do not have to go through the hassle of physically moving all of your belongings to a new space. Now, if you are convinced and are ready to make the necessary changes to your home, keep reading for the three must-have modifications for seniors aging in place.

1. Make big changes and repairs before they become a problem in old age.

The first thing you should consider when modifying your home to age in place is that there are some things in your home that you likely need to repair, replace, or update. Take care of these things before you get to be an age where it is difficult to do so. By thinking ahead, you will save yourself from stress and issues down the road. Things like foundation repair, plumbing or sump pump servicing, and roof updates need to be done if order for your house to be comfortable and livable.

Consider adding modifications that will protect your home from future damage. Something like acrylic roof coating, which is a protective and low-cost membrane for your roof, can future-proof your home and prevent damage from inclement weather or other natural causes. When you are getting older, you do not want to be worried about constant repairs or updates for your home, so take care of these things now and save yourself the hassle in the future.

2. Reduce mobility barriers.

One of the major tips for modifying your home to age in place is to look for areas where you feel that your mobility may be challenged when you get older. If you live in a multi-level home, staircases are likely to be a big challenge. You could always move your bedroom downstairs to make it easier for you to get in and out. With everything you need on one level, mobility issues would be a thing of the past. If you must access multiple levels, though, consider installing a stair lift or replacing smaller staircases with ramps. Another area that may need attention is any uneven flooring in your home. If there is a slight step down or step up between rooms, it can be difficult for you to move across in old age, especially if you have a walker or wheelchair. Make sure you level out the flooring and install non-slip mats where you can.

3. Make high-traffic areas more accessible.

The last key tip is to make your high-traffic areas more accessible for those in old age. One major area for this is the bathroom. No matter what, you want to make sure you can still use the toilet and bathe while you are aging in place. Aging in place bathroom remodeling could include installing some mobility devices like hand rails to your bathroom. These functional tools will make getting in and out of the tub or off the toilet much more accessible and less dangerous for those who are experiencing mobility issues.

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