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Who is Responsible for Bat Damages if I Live in an Apartment?

Many tenants of apartment complexes have the same question. They want to know if landlords or Fresno rental property management are responsible for bat damages and removal if the problem occurs. 

The first thing residents and landlords need to know is that bat infestations can be dangerous, not only to the property, but to humans, as well. So, it’s in everyone’s best interest to take care of a bat problem quickly and efficiently. But who is responsible for the damages? Read on below to find out. 

Don’t attempt removal yourself

Before we get into whether it’s the landlords or the tenants responsibility to fix damages it’s important to stress how important it is not to try to perform bat removal in Los Angeles yourself. Whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, a cornered bat will attack you. There are plenty of bat removal companies out there who will come take care of the problem for you. 

All about bats

It’s no secret that bats can do a ton of structural damage to any building they decide to roost in. In most states, the law says that whether it’s an apartment, a house, a townhouse, or even a condo, the landlord has a legal and moral duty to ensure the premises are safe for the tenants and their families. If you have bats in or around the apartment you’re living in, your best bet is to get out your lease and learn about your renter’s rights. 

Bat infestations are actually common occurrences in apartment buildings because there are so many places for them to hide, hunt for food, and use as shelter. It’s extremely easy for them to fit into cracks and crevices, which is why infestation is common in apartment complexes. While they are necessary and beneficial to our ecosystem, they can cause danger and damages to a residential setting. 

What type of damage do bats cause?

There are quite a few damages that bats in apartment buildings can cause. The areas they roost in will be covered in bat droppings, which could leak through the ceiling and walls into your apartment. Not only does this look horrible, but it can cause a horrible odor in the apartment as well. Below are a few other damages bats can cause.

  • Can develop mold and fungal spores, which is dangerous to your health
  • Ceiling boards can begin to warp and collapse
  • Can cause a condition called Histoplasmosis, which is a fungal infection

All of this means that the apartment you live in is not safe and that your landlord should fix the problem for you. 

Who is responsible? 

In short, your landlord or property management company is responsible for having the bats removed from the area and for fixing any damage that was caused by the bat infestation. Since there are many dangers associated with bats and their droppings, it’s important to control an infestation as soon as possible. 

As long as you notify the company or your landowner that you think you have a bat infestation, you have done your part. The rest is up to the landlord, and if they don’t get rid of the bats, you can take legal action. Make sure that you read your lease from top to bottom to ensure you know your rights concerning bat abatement, however. 

This is what you need to know about bats and who is responsible for removing them from your apartment and fixing the damages. Remember, bats can be dangerous things, so if you suspect a bat infestation let your landlord know right away. 

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