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Everything You Need to Prep Your New Restaurant

You, like many other people, dreamed of starting a restaurant one day. Now you know that starting a restaurant business is easier said than done. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes of opening a new restaurant. Besides the amount of money you’ll need to get things started, there’s also planning and decision-making.

The decisions are endless, from choosing what food vendor to use to the right financing option and choosing between old or new restaurant equipment. It’s draining, and we get it. This is why we’ve created a guide with everything you need to prep your new restaurant.

1. Sort out equipment financing.


While some successful restaurant owners can afford new equipment without wrecking their credit score and working capital, it might not be possible for you as a startup. In that case, your best option is to look into getting new or used restaurant equipment financing that offers flexible options and repayment plans. This way, as a restaurant owner, you can lease commercial kitchen equipment without a down payment or collateral.

This type of equipment financing is better than the typical bank loan, term loan, or working capital loan. It helps hedge against the never-ending inflation on equipment like ice machines, freezers, fryers, sandwich prep tables, knives, ovens, refrigerators, etc.

2. Plan your restaurant layout and ambiance.


Your restaurant’s design plays a significant role in its success. You’ll need to take out time and carefully map out the layout for your dining, kitchen, storage, and office space. While doing so, bear in mind that your dining area is your performance stage, while the kitchen is where the magic happens. So you don’t want to cut corners when designing these areas. You can visit other restaurants close to you and take note of their decor styles.

Additionally, your dining ambiance needs to be top-notch, so don’t compromise on your AC unit either. The best way to pick a reliable vendor for your air conditioner is by checking out different business profiles on Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see their ratings. A company like Direct Air Conditioning, Inc. has a great BBB business profile, and this is because they provide superior air conditioners supported by excellent customer service to all their office. They operate 24/7, so even when you have an emergency, you can always count on them to send in a technician at any time of day. That way, your restaurant stays cool at all times.

3. Try to create an attractive menu.


The next way to prep for your new restaurant is by creating a menu. This is a creative process that you should handle carefully. Your menu determines many things. This includes the name of your restaurant and your employees to the kitchen equipment and overall ambiance. When creating your menu, take into cognizance the demographic setup of your city. The demography will help you decide what meals to make and how to go about setting food prices. Once you’re done, be sure to use your brand design to create an attractive and profitable menu.

4. Hire and train employees.


The restaurant business is a service industry, and this means you’ll need to hire people who understand the importance of giving customers quality service at all times. The first step you should take with your employees is offering a comprehensive training program that highlights what you expect from them and how they must conduct themselves.

If you don’t know how to go about this, the National Restaurant Association has a range of employee training programs that you can choose from. Remember that training employees are a form of investment as their attitude to customers plays a key role in your business’ success.


In a nutshell, your dream of being a successful restaurant owner is achievable. Simply ensure that you follow this guide to set up the restaurant, create a solid brand, and be consistent in your customer service delivery.