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5 Reasons to Visit Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama is a unique place, to be sure. As the current largest city in Alabama, Birmingham is home to a variety of history, sights, and restaurants that will more than fill out the day of any sightseers that are interested in visiting. To help you plan out your trip to the area and learn what to expect, here are a few things to consider before you visit.

The variety of activities you can partake in around the Birmingham area is rather remarkable. Birmingham has a number of parks to explore, in addition to a zoo and the local botanical gardens. Zoos, in particular, are great places to go for families, especially if you want to show children things that they might not see anywhere else. The botanical gardens also provide free admission and parking, and this allows for a visit to a beautifully maintained venue on a budget. Birmingham also boasts a wide variety of attractions beyond these, including the McWayne Science Center, the Five Points South Entertainment District, and a number of theaters.

Birmingham is also home to a particularly active art community. The “BHAM ART CRAWL,” for example, is an event that takes place on the first Thursday of every month that allows artists to display and sell original art. There is a Birmingham Art Association that holds events and art sales, and if you take into consideration the Birmingham Museum of Art as well you will see that a dedicated aesthete will have no trouble finding things that interest them.

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Many people who live in Birmingham would consider where they live to be a “food town” as well, and this can be seen in the sheer variety of places to eat. From fried chicken to pizza to locally famous cookies, there are a number of things that you will find here that you won’t find elsewhere. This isn’t even mentioning the large number of festivals that are often held locally. Some serve food, and others like the Great Southern Beer Fest are even dedicated to food or drink.  Eating out is a mundane experience to some, but it won’t be here if you know where to look.

This town also handles its historical significance with great reverence. Birmingham, Alabama has ties to major events in the Civil Rights movement, and it prides itself on maintaining a Civil Rights Trail that details events important to American history as a whole. This town, in a southern state, was heavily associated with slavery and the associated negative stigma for a long time and it strives to shed it wherever possible. Indeed, the Civil Rights Trail organization would consider Birmingham to be “almost synonymous” with the Civil Rights movement and they will be more than willing to show you why.

Additionally, with a staggering 300 retailers, finding a shop that you find particularly interesting while you are in town should be no problem. Their dedicated shopping district is home to a variety of goods and services, whether you would like to go antiquing or visit a florist, you will likely find something that interests you.

Vacations and trips to new places should be interesting to the people visiting. Before you visit, you should come up with a list of things you want to do and plan your trip around that information. There are more things to do in this town to do than what can be accomplished in one trip, so if you plan on visiting again make sure to take note of what else you found interesting afterward.