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Starting a Church? Consider Renting a Storage Unit

Like with any new project, it takes time to get a plan and all the tools you’ll need to open a church. From Bibles and hymnals to more functional items like chairs and pews, whether you start your church out of your home or in a rented building or space, you’ll need a place to store items you collect as you plan. If you’re considering starting up a church, these are the reasons why you should start by going online to reserve some storage space.

Storage Needs


Whether you’re a pastor with years of experience and a building waiting on your occupancy or a new faith leader looking to start a home church, consider trying to reserve a storage unit as you sort out the finer details of getting your church up and running.

Maybe you just relocated to Colorado to be close to family and once ran a mobile church in New England. If you already have supplies you’ll need to set your new church up, looking into cheap storage units in Littleton is the first thing you’ll want to consider. Storing your belongings in a safe and secure location will be important to setting up your house of worship on a budget and using public storage could really help.

Collecting Supplies


Think of your church as a retail store. While you won’t be selling a product and it’s different than a traditional business, you will want to put your best foot forward and that will mean tools for your parishioners. Bibles, prayer books, hymnals, props, and even furniture will all need a safe spot to wait as you navigate other business decisions. Look toward a business model when setting up your church, while leaving room for differences. that a faith-based enterprise demands.

If your church were a woman’s clothing shop but you were months away from opening day, you’d want a safe place to store best price boyfriend jeans, high heels, crop tops, denim petite pants, and more. The same applies to your church. While you wait on the church building, you’ll want access to the tools you’ll need from one organized and secure place. The same way the boutique owner would collect style tips every petite woman should know, you’ll be collecting supplies both spiritual and tangible.

As you plan your faith business, you’ll inevitably pick up more supplies. Whether it’s a crate of baptismal candles or an heirloom bible, you’ll need to consider a storage facility in a great location that provides a wide variety of units. Your unit size will depend on how many supplies you think you’ll need. A great rule of thumb is to rent a unit twice the size of what you think you’ll need. Odds are, it will be tight by the time you’ve finished filling it with your new possessions for your home church.

Starting Up


Regardless of whether or not your plan is to start a church from home or even if you’re just relocating, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes with having everything you need in one place. Once you have your supplies collected, your legal obligations are taken care of, and a new location, consider hiring a moving company to get you set up so you can focus on other things.

From marketing, reaching out to your faith community, and the other work that comes with any startup, it will be helpful to have extra hands as you set up your church. Think about asking for volunteers from your church community, too. As you know, a church isn’t so much a building, but a community of believers and there’s nothing wrong with using that to get your church up and running. Soon enough, you’ll be sharing meals and prayer.

At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong ways to start a church. By considering renting storage space during the planning phase, you’ll save yourself headaches and be able to move more efficiently through the planning process. No matter how you go about your final plan and decision making, by staying true to your mission, you’re bound for success in the end. Have faith in the bigger purpose and good luck with your decision!