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Using Your Home as Collateral: How to Make Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Home

Your house is undoubtedly your home, but it’s also your most important financial asset. As such, it’s incredibly important for you to understand all of the ways in which you can leverage your home, and its financial value, to your benefit.

Thinking of your home as a primary vehicle of leverage may take a fundamental shift in thinking, but this new vision of your home’s financial value will help you immensely. This is particularly true when approaching renovations projects, or shifting your investment profile in order to introduce high return real estate ventures.



Finding projects worth financing.


While your home may represent an incredibly valuable asset, that value can only be realized if you leverage it to facilitate projects worth pursuing. Identifying trouble areas in your home and budgeting for their solutions is the first step in mobilizing your home equity to improve the quality of life that you and your family enjoy.

Roofing projects and gutter cleaning services are often great places to make use of your home equity, in order to defray the upfront costs of a new shingle roof replacement in the short term. A roof lasts about two decades if all goes according to plan. However, the unpredictable nature of weather means that this could be extended to thirty years during a calm spell, or reduced to ten in a particularly chaotic stretch. Getting to know Rockville roofing experts in your area is the best way to repair any damage quickly and professionally. With years of experience behind them, roofing contractors can put on a new roof, and often can install it without you having to leave the home during the process. Shingle, tile, or even metal roof replacement is a daunting task for virtually all homeowners; you simply can’t do the job on your own.


Adding on extensions to your home’s interior space can also benefit from the leverage available by tapping into your home’s value. An extra room can be repurposed throughout your life in the home, so a home office during the pandemic could be later utilized to as another bedroom. Home renovations that add space to the overall home does a great job of increasing resale value too. The additional square footage increases your home’s value in relation to others in your neighborhood, making it an attractive buying option for prospective borrowers seeking their own first home.



Financing the project.


Whether you are looking into hard money lenders Oregon or are considering a reverse mortgage, there are many ways to leverage the equity of your home into new borrowing, in order to finance a long overdue home improvement project.

Hard money borrowing is a great option for those current on payments. A hard money loan is one that relies solely on collateral capital for a ‘reference’ of sorts. Rather than evaluating your credit score and credit history, a private lender will extend a line of credit to you, on the promise of your collateral in return for non-payment. For those with great cash flow health, a hard money loan can give you the cash you need upfront, without the pricy interest rate tacking on additional burden in your repayments. With you owning the home, securing a hard money loan is a quick and easy way to tap into the equity you have, without having to jump through the hoops required at a traditional bank. As long as you keep current on repayments, you don’t risk losing any of your collateral assets and have the opportunity to benefit from a lower rate at the same time.

Home improvement projects can rapidly increase the value of your home as well as the comfort you enjoy in it. Take advantage of the equity you own in order to easily finance these upgrades.