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Our Top Picks for the Most Luxurious Bathtubs

The bathtub is an underappreciated, humble household fixture that has a different use for every homeowner. Bathtubs come in a variety of styles, colors, prices, and functions. Whether it’s time for a bathtub replacement or you are undergoing a new bathroom remodel, it’s important to find a bathtub that has the size, function, and features you need.

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Acrylic Bathtubs


Acrylic is a multifaceted plastic that can be textured and formed into almost anything, such as bathtubs. Acrylic bathtubs are the most versatile and come as an alcove, freestanding, soaking, or whirlpool models. This durable material lasts up to 30 years and is bacteria and mildew-resistant. It’s also a cost-effective material to produce, which means acrylic bathtubs make for budget-friendly bathtub replacement.

The Kohler Bancroft 60 inch Alcove Bathtub combines lightweight, ergonomic design in a standard-size tub. It features an easy-to-clean acrylic surface, 15 inches of soaking depth, molded lumbar support, and an integrated tile flange to prevent water and moisture from escaping.

Alcove Bathtubs


Alcove bathtubs are considered the industry standard and often come built-in in a new bathroom. These all-purpose tubs aren’t as spacious or deep as other tubs and are designed to fit in the alcoves of most homes. The modest size of the alcove bathtubs makes them affordable.

The Bootz Industries Aloha 60 inch Alcove Soaking Tub offers homeowners the best bang for their buck. The tub features a non-slip finish for showering and entering, making it perfect for shower-bath configurations. Made of porcelain-enameled steel, the tub is easy to clean, scratches less than acrylic tubs, features a soaking depth of 9.25 inches, and a 12-degree recline.

Knoxville homeowners turn to the personal touch and outstanding customer service offered by Paradise Home Improvement for their remodeling services. Their experienced team of professionals provides bathtub replacement services for remodeling projects of all sizes. Whether you need a new shower for a small space or a luxurious, custom tub, their professionals will help you find the perfect solution. The remodeling company offers Knoxville bathtub installation as well as stylish patio and front door options.

Freestanding Bathtubs


Nothing says elegance like a freestanding bathtub, whether seeking an antique style for a vintage-themed bathroom remodel or a contemporary model that compliments the modern decor. Freestanding bathtubs are ideal for larger bathrooms, and they can be connected anywhere there is access to plumbing.

The Signature Hardware Winifred Resin Freestanding Tub features a double slipper design for easy lounging and optional air massage. The durable tub is made of resin, making it scratch, crack, and stain-resistant. The freestanding tub is designed to last, but a large tub like this will make a big impact on your renovation budget.

Soaking Bathtubs


Soaking tubs come in a variety of sizes and typically feature a soaking depth of 20 inches. These tubs are designed for comfort when fully submerged and perfect for tall people. These stylish tubs are large and often cost more to have installed than other tubs.

The Woodbridge 67 inch Freestanding Soaking Tub features soft curves and round edges that create a sleek, cozy bathtub. The dual-walled acrylic design of the tub provides great insulation that maintains a steady water temperature.

When deciding on the best bathtub for your needs, always remember to consider the size, weight, and ergonomics of the tub as well as the planned location and proximity to plumbing access. Before improving the interior design of your home, it’s important to take “before photos” that you can look back on.

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From acrylic and alcove to freestanding and soaking, bathtubs come in all varieties to suit your lifestyle and bathing needs.