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How to Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

A year of social distancing, restrictions, and the general stressors of a global pandemic hasn’t done a lot for relationships. For those of us who’ve been stuck in social isolation or quarantine, it’s easy to see why our romantic relationships might need a jump start. If you and your partner need a new fire in your relationship but you don’t know where to start, read on for tips that might bring some heat back.

Performance Enhancers


Many couples are turning to performance enhancers to spice things up between the sheets. From that special offer on trial erection packs at GoodRX to discount contraception and other medication, by taking care of their physical wellness first, they’re slowly finding their way back to healthier sex life.

If you’re wondering about Viagra insurance coverage or whether or not a performance-enhancing supplement might work for you, it’s worth taking a look at your coverage and talking to your doctor. From erectile dysfunction or troubles with libido to increased sperm production, many sexual enhancement products offer just enough to give you a boost in the bedroom.

Sexy Outfits


Maybe you have the perfect legs or he fell in love with your butt first. Think back to when you first met and how you dressed if you hope to get that spark back. If you’re spending your days in T-shirts and sweatpants, now might be the time to go on a coupon hunt for a new wardrobe. Dressing your best in spite of the pandemic might just get his attention again.

Start with items like matching lace bras and thongs. Women’s thongs have come a long way and are available in more cuts and styles than ever. From there, build up the rest of your outfit. Whether it’s a new sexy nightgown or lingerie, keeping his taste in mind will help heat things up.

The same applies to men. If you want to keep her attention, throw out the briefs with the holes in them and start fresh.

Learning to Flirt


Part of bringing that spark back means making a conscious effort to let your partner know you’re attracted to them. Find new ways to flirt with them both in person and from a distance. Sending that sexy text message on your lunch break or leaving flirtatious notes around the kitchen is a great way to let your partner know you’re still interested.



From adult toys to sex games for couples, if your sex life has gotten stale, now’s the time to experiment. What better time than stuck at home in the middle of a pandemic is there to explore some romantic and sexual fantasies? Set a date night and make it an occasion. After a favorite take out meal, grab a cocktail and start with an honest conversation. Ask your partner about new things they might be interested in trying such as roleplaying, watching adult videos, or even changing locations.

Be open about your fantasies too. Set boundaries around things you don’t want to do and keep lines of communication open as you explore. If you’re stuck for ideas, think about books, movies, and videos that might point you in the direction of something different. Don’t feel pressured to try everything at once. Even just getting back into the bedroom is a start.

In the end, you won’t need much to bring a new spark back to your relationship with an open mind. By tuning out the world, finding ways to spend new time together, being experimental, dressing for it, and being open to performance enhancers, you could be well on your way to a romantic Valentine’s Day night to remember.